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“Camden has been beautiful and functional for me.”

Irene K. *****, Sweden

“Wellino bath has been really good for me.”

Mehsen A. *****, Sweden

“Wellino bath gives me feeling of real SPA. Beautiful. The feeling of being God. Great bubbles.”

Michael M. *****, Sweden

“I have purchased Wellino bath for really reasonable price. Running greatly! Looking well!”

Jonas *****, Sweden

“Really happy and satisfied with Wellino. Extremely reasonable price.”

Semiar A. *****, Sweden

“I have been very satisfied with Wellino. Now I can really enjoy the whirpool.”

Mary L. *****, Sweden

“I have liked Toscana at the first sight. Easy to install on the wall. Easy to clean. Great product for extremely reasonable price.”

Simon A. *****, Sweden

“I have been very satisfied with the purchase and home delivery.”

Endre S. *****, Sweden

“Buying Toscana gave me the feeling like buying my future.”

Tobias J. *****, Sweden

“Toscana has been really elegant shower enclosure set. Easy to install. Practical. Enjoyable. Functional.”

Osman K. *****, Sweden

“Toscana. Highly recommended. Great surface.”

Nils S. *****, Sweden

“Camden has been elegant, easy to use and for extremely reasonable price.”

Sofiane R. *****, Sweden

“My wife has been extremely happy with Camden Mirror. Afordable price.”

Alexis V. *****, Sweden

“Camden mirror cabinet has been great product. Easy to install.”

Karin M. *****, Sweden

“It has been the same like on the picture. Robust. High quality. Clean design.”

Catarina L. *****, Sweden

“Great and extremely easy to use shower.”

Theresa E. *****, Sweden

“Wellino has been extremely affordable and easy to install.”

Gerhard W. *****, Sweden


We make the everyday bathroom visits a practical and enjoyable experience for family and guests.

Bath Deluxe Bathrooms - Build Your Bathroom

Bath Deluxe was established in 2000 by Finn Hansen from Denmark. We have joined decent quality & Scandinavian beauty. You can rely on our products.

Good looking. Easy to buy in all BAUHAUS stores and online in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Soft close system. IP44 certification. Humidity resistant. Easy to assemble. Customer service.

Nordic bathroom that will satisfy both you and your wallet. Check our CAMDEN and BOSTON bathroom furniture.

If you enjoy to relax in a whirpool, see our massage WELLINO bath. You can have a great time, but do not need to pay a lot of money.

Ceramic wash basins. Reversible mirrors with LED. Ceramic toilet. Modern shower enclosures.

Ideal Bath Deluxe bathrooms for reasonable price.






Bath Deluxe product range allows you to choose your bathroom. Decent quality and modern design for reasonable price. Bath Deluxe is a well-recognized company with long reputation for consistent innovation of modern design. IP44 certification. Friendly customer service.